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9 Steps To Form A Tax-Exempt Corporation

Our reputation in the field of education management and consultancy has gained momentum over the years in the UK and US. This was possible due to the sustained efforts of our experts, professionals and go-getter consultants that worked tirelessly in providing the best-in-class educational consultation to university students. Most of our partners are globally acclaimed, thus our students are provided with exceptional quality and unlimited options.

In the UK, EduSphere is doing a brilliant job in providing consultancy to students that are aspiring for a great career.

Education is the Right for All

Premier colleges and universities across the board are now trusting our consultancy services and partnering with us. This has provided us with a shot in our arm.

  • Efforts for making our education consultancy among the top 5 placement service providers in Europe.
  • Our team of professional and experienced managers are always ready with bespoke solutions for students.
  • We are rated among the premier educational hubs in Canada, Middle East & Europe by our critics.

This year we are expanding our footprints to Asia by opening new consultancy offices in India, The Philippines, Sri Lanka and Vietnam which speaks volumes.

In the US, we have our presence in almost all the eastern and Pacific states, providing quality educational consultancy. We’ve tied up with the best colleges and universities, thus helping our clients with international-quality education. This enables all our students to think of a bright and prosperous career in the long run. We also help students choose the right path by guiding them through the professional courses and programs. In this way, they are able to choose the best graduate or degree courses. After all, it is the future of students that matters a lot.

We always strive to provide world-class facilities and infrastructure to our students that come from all over the world, as they have high hopes for us.

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